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MoneyForward Tech Blogathon 2022 starts!

Hello, I’m achamixx.

Money Forward is working to globalize our Engineering Organization. This year, we will be holding “MoneyForward Tech Blogathon 2022”, a blog relay of English articles!

*Blogathon: A period or event during which one or more people publish many blog posts, usually about a specific subject.


Date Theme Author
12/5(Mon) Agile Product Management: Getting Started Vishwas Trivedi
12/7(Wed) Improving Team Communication through Sharing Meeting Sammy
12/8(Thu) My favorite gem: Strong Migrations pocke
12/12(Mon) Pub/Sub Design Pattern Vishwas Trivedi
12/13(Tue) How to swap using smart contracts. Taio Newgate
12/14(Wed) Slack App that uses Stable Diffusion to generate images MORI Masakazu
12/15(Thu) How does gRPC work? Kittipol Munkatitum
12/16(Fri) Do's and Don'ts: Naming REST API Vishwas Trivedi
12/19(Mon) Massive Project Code Refactoring Tips Ichiro Hirata
12/20(Tue) How to keep up with new technologies Tuck
12/21(Wed) AWS IAM Policy setting with multiple statements, conditions, and key-values Daiki Tanaka
12/23(Fri) Money Forward i Engineering 2022 Tran Ba Vinh Son

Articles on various topics such as machine learning, REST API, management methods, etc. are planned! And our CTO, Tuck, has joined this project!

Please bookmark this page or follow us on Twitter, as links will be added when articles are published.

Blogathon in Japanese

I’ll be glad if everyone enjoys our blog!

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