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Passkey Usage Report @ Money Forward ID (vol.1, May 2023)

Japanese version of this article is available here.


Hi, I'm @nov from Money Forward ID Service Development team.

It's 1 month since we start supporting passkey autofill at Money Forward ID. Actually, about 2 months since its silent release.

We only promoted the feature at our Press Release (ja) and Tech Blog yet, but we're planning to start our passkey autofill promotion for end-users soon.

So, I believe it's the best time to publish our first passkey usage report before starting the promotion.

Registered Passkeys @ 2023.05.15

We've got about 7,200 passkeys registered by May 15th, 2023.

The following table shows the breakdown for each OS.

OS % in total #
iOS 58%
Android 26%
macOS 10%
Windows 5%
others 1%

iOS vs. Android

The ratio of iOS vs. Android is probably just reflecting the market share of each OS in Japan.

Since Android Chrome started supporting passkey autofill in December 2022, we were concerned about how many of Android users could register passkey, but it seems that passkey is starting to become popular among Android users without any problems.

Chromium Blog: Introducing passkeys in Chrome

macOS vs Windows

The reason why macOS has twice as many users as Windows is that the majority of readers of the previous Tech Blog, which first announced support for passkey autofill, were macOS users, but it is also due to the fact that the majority of Windows cannot register passkey.

Money Forward ID only allows passkey to be registered on terminals that support passkey autofill, and Microsoft only supports passkey autofill on Windows 11 and above, so the above Windows is Windows 11 only.

The key to the popularization of passkey autofill seems to be the popularization of Windows 11 or the backporting of passkey autofill support to Windows 10.

Passkey Usage @ 2023.05.15

In addition to the number of users who have registered a passkey, I also measured the number of users who have actually used the passkey for authentication.

Passkey has an attribute called sign_count that indicates the number of times each key has been used for signing. While it may sound useful, it doesn't help us here because MacOS doesn't increment sign_count upon successful authentication.

So, I counted the number of passkeys that have registration date that's different from the last used date.

  'DATE(last_used_at) != DATE(created_at)'

It turns out that 33% of the total number of registrations were actually used for authentication.

I don't have anything to compare it to, so I'm not sure if it's a lot or a little, but I'm hoping that sites that support passkey will start announcing such numbers in the future.

Looking at this for each OS, it was as follows.

OS % used for AuthN
iOS 31%
Android 33%
macOS 38%
Windows 36%
others n/a

Smart Phone vs Desktop / Laptop

Surprisingly, more people used the passkeys from desktop/laptop than from smartphones.

Depending on the presence or absence of Native App, the frequency of logins on Smart Phones may be less than on Desktops/Laptops.


This is the passkey usage status report for Money Forward ID as of May 2023.

We will publish these numbers again after the promotion has started.

If you have any concerns about other numbers, please let us know on Twitter. We will consider measurement and disclosure from this series vol.2 onwards.

See you again in vol.2.


-- @nov