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Improving Team Communication through Sharing Meeting

This is 7th article of MoneyForward Tech Blogathon 2022 .

How do you effectively communicate to other members and work as a team?

If each member is assigned to a different team,  it's quite difficult, isn't it ?


I'm in charge of six products as a QA team leader. Each QA member is involved in one or two products.

We are the same team (QA team) but we work individually.  So it is hard to know how they work and what they experience.

As a QA team leader, I felt that this situation has created a bottleneck and we are unable to effectively communicate with each other.

Sharing Meeting

A good way to solve this problem is through “Sharing Meeting”


  • Held weekly (or biweekly)

  • Share what you have succeeded or what have failed in your daily work

  • We also welcome any discussions

  • No need to prepare any documents for this meeting, just use what you created in your work

  • Any sweets and coffee are welcome ;)

Example of topics

  •  How I do test reviews in product A

  • Scenario test cases  what I made in product B

  • Definition of DoD in Product C is open !

  • Sharing from the conference XXX

  • How do you operate Test Plan in your scrum ?


We use Slack stamps to take note of topics. Every member can stamp the messages which they want to know the details of.

The stamped messages are posted to another channel automatically. So we can make wishlists easily.

Also the facilitator of Sharing Meeting is rotated so that everyone has the opportunity to decide topics and facilitate meetings.

Lessons learned

  1. We share knowledge to continue to help each other; not only our successes but also our failures
  2. All members become familiar with small talks which helps organize our thoughts.
  3. By sharing our problems and having discussions we are able to improve our relationships

Sharing Meeting continues to foster a healthy and productive environment, so I will continue to support this event!

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